Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

why am i not losing weightHave you exercised day in and day out but are still asking yourself “Why am I not losing weight?”  There are many reasons why you aren’t losing the weight. Each person is different in their own way, but there are definitely certain attributes that have caused your specific condition of not losing weight. In order to lose the weight, you need to understand your specific conditions and analyze what might be causing you to struggle.

Why am I not losing weight and some possible reasons:



  • Depression

Depression is a common cause as to why you aren’t losing any weight. For those who have depression and are actually thinner than you, you will find that they end up not being able to gain weight. This is an uncontrollable cycle that can happen to many people who are overweight. Sometimes the way that you feel when working out or eating those healthy foods can decide whether what you are doing is going to help you lose weight or not. It has been proven through countless research that your feelings play a big part to your success when losing or gaining weight.

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  • Not using the right Diet Pill

If you have done your ultimate best at eating healthier and even working out constantly, but are still asking yourself, “Why am I not losing weight?”, then it is pretty obvious that what you are doing hasn’t helped you out yet. Consider taking a few pills, like the Phen375 pills. They are made very well and can help you to lose a lot of weight. Many people have been able to see huge results from these pills, and they already have been proven through lots of research and case studies.

  • Age

If you are somewhat getting older and in your thirties or forties, you will find that your metabolism has actually slowed down compared to those who are much younger than you. Your years of inactivity as you got older could have also been the reason why your metabolism has slowed down.

  • Too Much Snacking

This is usually the answer to Why am I not losing weight!  Have you ever eaten cookies or munched on unhealthy snacks during a television show? Watching television and getting distracted can cause you to overeat during the weirdest times of the day. Avoid being too distracted and eat being alert. This will help you to avoid eating too much on complete accident.

  • Giving In

Giving in to some of the most tastiest treats once a week isn’t going to be a good idea. If you pay very close attention, you may be very good and orderly when you are at home, but just a single cake at a party could bring your days of calorie counting to a waste. To avoid this problem from happening, stay as strong as you can in front of temptation. You will win no matter what once you do the right things.

Why am I not losing weight?

Those are definitely some of the most powerful reasons why. You can lose weight by thinking about the aspects above and doing the exact opposite. To lose weight, all you need is the right information and the persistence to keep on going.

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Why am I not losing weight

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